Monday, July 29, 2013

Coping Bags/Boxes

Coping Bags/Boxes

See what our new schedule looks like for the fall. We are offering NEW after school classes. I have created a flyer on a new website I have just discovered called SMORE. Click the link to see what my flyer looks like. Smore if a very simple website and it's free! Anyone can use it and make a flyer for anything! Try it out!

Parent Tip: We made coping bags with the children at our Summer Fun Club this week. We used dot paint to decorate the fabric bags. I bought them at a fabric store. But you can use brown paper bags or shoeboxes. We suggested that the children put different items in their fabric bags that make them happy. When the children get upset, have them take out their coping bags and sit in a quiet place to calm themselves down.
For older children we have had them write down coping strategies on index cards: ie I like to listen to music, I like to draw and glue these ideas on their coping boxes/bags as a reminder of what to do when the kids are upset. It is a visual reminder for them during the "heat" of the moment. 

They can use their deep breathing that we practiced (smell the flower, blow out the leaf technique we learned) to help calm themselves down. We even made flowers out of pipe cleaners to help our visual learners. We also cut out leaves and had the children practice blowing them in their hands. (This is a great activity to do when the leaves are falling from the trees in the fall.)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Self Esteem

Self Esteem:
I want to share with you some ideas to help at home this summer with promoting self-esteem.

First, I am a very big believer in complimenting children. Wouldn't it be nice if someone complimented you each day? So we like to compliment our kids numerous times at SK. We are constantly saying, "Yeah Susan! You did a great job at coloring," or "Good job, Susan!"
To see a child's face light up is wonderful!

So here's a tip I give to my clients: make positive compliments on small pieces of paper at home or type some on your computer  so you can use them again and again. Customize them for your own family. Cut them out and put them in a small container in your kitchen. When you catch your child doing something wonderful, pull out the paper compliment and give it to your child. You will see a smile form on his/her face. Your child can collect all of his/her compliments in his/her pockets daily. Before bed he/she can clear out his/her pockets and read the compliments from the day. Your child can make a compliment tree for the compliments earned by posting them on a Fathead tree (see attached to his/her wall, put them in a shoebox for a rainy day or post them on a bulletin board.

It is sometimes hard for parents to remember to be positive. Being a mother of four boys, I know this to be true. Many times my boys are trying to get my attention. But they will try to get any kind of attention even if it is NEGATIVE attention. I find by giving compliments, the negative behavior lessens and turns positive.

Keeping compliments in my kitchen is a reminder to not only catch them in the act of "putting their dishes in the dishwasher" or "putting their napkin in the garbage,"  but is also a reminder that I need to compliment them more in order to keep a positive behavior.

I use the kitchen because that is where we spend most of our time as a family. You could make compliments for your family rooms, bedrooms, cars, etc. Differentiate them for your family!!!

Here are two books I love to read at SK and in my own classroom with the children. It teaches them how to be positive and gives more examples of positive compliments. It even explains what bucket dippers are to the children.

I teach the children how to give and receive compliments. The children learn how to verbally give compliments and how write their own compliments and exchange them.

 For my teacher friends, I have included samples of different compliments I have used at SK. Here is also a picture of my compliment tree.

Every time the students write a compliment to another classmate, they can add it to the tree. 


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